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With every year filled with new and different tax law changes, I thought to share with you this week’s article. It provides what I thought is a very concise explanation of the new 2015 law reducing the number of IRA to IRA rollovers that can take place before an adverse tax consequence comes into play. The article states “Individuals are allowed to receive a distribution from an IRA and roll the funds over to another IRA, or the same IRA, within 60 days to avoid any taxation issues. In prior years, the IRS’s position was that this rule applied to each IRA. This meant if you have five IRAs, you could take a distribution from each IRA and roll it over to the same or another IRA within 60 days without any issues. However, the code was very clear that a rollover from an account was allowed only once in a twelve month period. After the recent Babrow v. Commissioner tax court decision, the 12-month one rollover limitation now applies to all IRAs, meaning that only one 60-day rollover is allowed per 12-month period no matter how many IRAs an individual owns.” These are the type of details we like to keep you informed about. Call us, we’re here to help you navigate through the difficulties of retirement planning.

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