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Since tomorrow is officially “Tax Day”, and we all think retirement at one point or another, I thought to share with you an article describing ways to minimize the tax burden on retirement income. The article states that “A Fixed Indexed Annuity, or FIA, can play an important role in your retirement planning process as it provides a low-risk vehicle that can provide guaranteed lifetime income. What’s more, FIAs can help you minimize your tax burden. This tax deferral is important because it allows even faster growth of the annuity. In addition, FIAs don’t have government-mandated contribution limits. That means you are allowed to save as much as you would like. Finally, once you begin to withdraw (or annuitize) the funds, only the interest will be taxed – leaving your principal tax-free when you need guaranteed income the most.” Call us if you would like to discuss other aspects of an FIA, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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