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We often think of retirement in terms of years, and we muse that there isn’t enough time left in our lives to do all the things we planned on doing when we no longer had to work. That same thought of ‘not enough time left’ also comes to mind when we lose some of our savings that we absolutely rely on for income and those who were handling it respond by saying ‘over time things will change and you will most likely get it back’. I’ve always wondered how long is ‘over time’, when does that time line begin so that I know where the ending is such that I will “probably” have made back my losses, and how much can I depend on that word ‘probably’. I’ve never gotten a straight answer to these questions which is why I prefer to talk about products where you can’t lose your principle in a market drop, the time line is absolutely defined from day one, and there are definite assurances that are clearly identified. Call me if you would like to know more about this type of product. They may be options you have not considered, and they may be options you should.