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Sometimes it is best to start with the basics. If you are planning for retirement are you contributing enough to your 401(k) to get your company’s full employee match? Think of it as free money. Have you paid off high-interest rate debt you may be carrying. Eliminating a monthly credit card or auto loan with a high interest payment may enable you to save more money then you think. Do you have an emergency fund of money set aside? This is important as with an emergency reserve, you won’t have to dip into your retirement savings if you need cash in a hurry. Once you’ve handled debts and created an emergency reserve you can then make it an achievable goal to save for retirement and to put your money where it can hopefully create an income for you when you are in fact no longer working. Call us, that’s where we come in. We have ideas for products that can protect your principal from market losses while providing you in retirement an income you can’t outlive. We’re always here to help.