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A simple cure for that risk

This week’s article tells us “experts want you to start saving as soon as possible, no matter what amount you can afford to put away.” The first goal being to simply get into the habit of saving for the future because the future comes sooner than you think, and “the second is to take advantage of as many compounding returns as you can: The longer your money is invested in the market—even if it’s a smaller amount—the longer it has to grow and generate increasingly larger returns.” The article also tells us “this turns most of us into market watchers. The more gray hairs on your head and the fewer years left on the job, the more you may find yourself fixating on the stock market and praying for good fortune when it comes time to hang up your spurs. The obsession with markets is understandable, but it distracts retirement savers from what they should really be worrying about: outliving their money. And there’s a simple cure for that risk”. Reach out to us if you’d like to talk about a financial product that does not invest in the stock market, but which gets stock market type gains with no stock market losses or risk of the market causing your redemptions to be less than the original amount you set aside. And, which also provides an income you can’t outlive. Call us, we can tell you all about it. We’re always here to help.

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