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Perhaps there is more truth to this saying than we want to admit. This year has been tumultuous, with markets declining and interest rates increasing. Were we all soothsayers we would be rich beyond our dreams. But we aren’t and it is disingenuous to think about the money we ‘could have made’ when interest rates increase, and to forget what we ‘could have lost’ had we chosen to keep our money in products where the principal can and does decline. If we are being honest with ourselves, the idea of risk vs. reward necessitates an examination of both sides of that equation. We must balance the sure things we can count on against other options that could – but only when the risk is not realized – reap more money. As a Senior you must decide if you are a risk taker, or if you want something you can count on. That is a personal decision. If you become envious of those who are making more money than you are, but forget that usually means they can loose more money than you can also, then perhaps you are willing to take more risk. If you are confident in staying the course, and planning ahead with something you can count on then you are less of a risk taker. But you can’t have it both ways. We’re here to help you think out the impact on you of being more or less of a risk taker. Call us. We’re always here to help.